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Current D&CS Projects

To better understand related parking solutions and roadway construction projects, please see UCI Transportation current projects.

Middle Earth Expansion

Middle Earth Expansion – Fall 2019

The Middle Earth Expansion project will create 494 new freshman beds, sized to accommodate triple occupancy, expand dining commons and housing support spaces, including a new fitness center. In addition, the expansion project will provide space for Housing Administrative Services, releasing space in the Student Center to allow for current and future student resource growth needs.

The project will comply with UC Sustainability Policy and campus sustainability goals. The project is targeting “LEED Building Design and Construction – New Construction” Platinum Certification.

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Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Building – Fall 2020

Located between the Physical Sciences Lecture Hall and the Multipurpose Science and Technology Building, the Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Building will house multiple departments from the Schools of Engineering, Information & Computer Science, and Physical Sciences. The program (roughly 91,000 Assignable Square Feet) is comprised mainly of wet labs and faculty offices that will be dedicated to various research groups based on their ability to work collaboratively and hazardous material usage. In addition to the primary research functions, several large shared spaces are included, such as a traditional didactic-style auditorium as well as two shared instructional laboratories. Finally, dry lab space, including embedded systems labs as well as office and collaborative research computational spaces are included.

The project will comply with UC Sustainability Policy and campus sustainability goals. The project is targeting “LEED Building Design and Construction – New Construction” Platinum Certification.

Other Campus Projects

East Campus Arroyo

East Campus Student Apartments – Phase IV-A - Fall 2019

The East Campus Apartments Phase IV-A project public-private partnership is the next phase of undergraduate student housing at the Irvine campus located on the corner of California and Campus. The project will include 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom single and double occupancy apartments (1,441 beds), a community center, and connected outdoor courtyards for interaction and recreation. Transportation amenities will include a 530 space parking structure plus 263 existing offsite parking spaces, 1,081 bike parking spaces throughout the project, and an Anteater Shuttle stop.

The project will comply with UC Sustainability Policy and campus sustainability goals. The project is targeting “LEED Building Design and Construction – Multifamily Midrise” Gold Certification and will be constructed with building systems and energy supply strategies that provide a pathway to net-zero operations.

Recently Completed Projects

Mesa Court Expansion - A New Era of Housing (July 2017)

The Design & Construction Services department managed the Design-Build delivery of the Mesa Court Housing Expansion project, one of the first housing projects to introduce high-performing high-density vertical living on campus. The process encompassed the planning, solicitation, design, and construction phases required to deliver a dynamic project that introduced new and various amenities including a thriving dining facility as well as educational and recreation spaces. This living and learning community housing project had unique challenges concerning the site and its location relative to existing and occupied Mesa Court Housing units, aggressive completion schedule, and other program requirements.

This complex project is evidence that the Design-Build process was pivotal to overcoming its unique challenges. The process allowed each stakeholder an opportunity to provide the necessary input to produce and deliver one of the most complex and challenging projects to date. The degree of commitment, collaboration, and innovation of the team including various and numerous representatives of UCI, Hensel Phelps, Mithun, their subconsultants and specialty contractors, made this project a success and worthy of award consideration. The knowledge, expertise, and commitment of the team allowed D&CS to fulfill the project program objectives with on-time and on-budget performance and deliver a project that has undoubtedly transformed the campus and its student housing communities.

Step 4 Project

Primary Electrical Improvements - February 2018

The Step 4 project provides the addition of new 12kV Substations and completes the installation of a 12kV out power system loop including the addition of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system controls.  The scope of work includes:  Installing 12kV switchgear at University Substation; Constructing a new 12 kV South Substation on the outer campus utility loop; Installing a new 12kV feeder from University Substation to South Substation; Providing a new 12 kV feeder and duct bank system between South Substation and East Substation; Replacing East Substation and Central Plant CP1 and CP2 switchgear protective devices; Replacing cogeneration MV-01 switchgear relay protective devices; Providing an entirely new 12kV SCADA system; Installation of SCADA system hardware, programming and communications at each substation; Interconnecting substation SCADA systems with redundant communication systems; Replacing existing Rule 21 protection system relays and PLC interface.

Anteater Learning Pavillion

Anteater Learning Pavilion – August 2018

Located next to Steinhaus Hall, the Anteater Learning Pavilion is approximately 72,000 GSF and houses active learning environments, including two large lecture halls, classrooms, computer labs, tutorial spaces, administrative office and support space, and outdoor gathering spaces on an approximately 1.1 acre site.

The project complies with UC Sustainability Policy and campus sustainability goals. The project received “LEED Building Design and Construction – New Construction” Platinum Certification.

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Fire And Life Safety Improvements – Winter 2019

The Fire and Life Safety Improvements, Phase 1 project addressed a number of urgent fire and life-safety issues in academic areas of the Irvine campus, including the installation of fire sprinkler systems throughout two laboratory buildings - Rowland Hall and Reines Hall - and in the breezeway of a third Engineering Laboratory Facility - as well as the replacement of obsolete fire alarm systems in 13 academic buildings and one campus support building, thereby improving the safety of over 500,000 ASF in UCI's academic core.

In addition, this project included installation of a new fire suppression water line that provided increased water pressure and fire suppression reliability for both the new sprinkler systems in this project and for the academic core of the campus in general.